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RLR Construction SW Ltd design, supply and install steel-framed buildings to meet the requirements and commercial needs of today’s dairy, beef, sheep, pig and poultry farms as well as those in the arable sector.  We provide a comprehensive service and work with you to ensure that every requirement is met both technically and aesthetically. 


From the initial planning stages and foundations to the erecting of steel frame buildings, roofing, insulation and cladding, we deliver every step of your project to the highest standard. 


We can also source and install fencing and boundary solutions where necessary.  Whether you need a storage barn in keeping with your existing surroundings, a machinery storage facility or a large multi-use warehouse, we are experienced in the construction of a diverse range of buildings. 


Whatever your individual requirements, get in touch – we’d be happy to discuss our services and arrange a site visit.

Agricultural BUILDINGS

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Industrial Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance


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